Week of Prayer

6Here at TRBC, we believe that praying is a way to communicate with our God and it is good to do it individually, as well as corporately as a whole church.
From the 19th until the 25th March, using meeting rooms 3 & 4, we created a prayer room. Anyone could come along to the church, day or night, and pray. Most signed up to do one hour slots but a lot of people ended up doing more than 1 hour during the week. 

It was a space for all ages. Some of our elderly members of the church made it upstairs, as well as those with younger children were able to come along and enjoy the space, with plenty of ways for them to engage with prayer in different ways. We were also able to bring our young people from The Hub upstairs to use the space. Even those who hadn't been to a space like this before were able to engage. 9

Below is a list of what some people had enjoyed about the space in the prayer room:

"Being quiet and listening to God"
"The chance to pray out loud"
"Space and peace"
"A time to be quiet"
"Time to reflect and ponder and to wonder"
"Space to be"
"So much creativity! Who knew prayer could be so creative and interactive?!"
"The wonderful display of creativity giving me an opportunity not only to pray but to explore my creativity too!"

A big THANK YOU to two of our members, Sue Hollywell and Audrey Jesty who were able to use their creativity in designing, and setting up this space for us to use. 

Below are some photos of the different prayer stations that were in the room.