Listening Prayer

On Tuesday evenings, a small group of us gather to do just as the title suggest, listen to God! This can be for personal prayer or for the church. We just spend time in God's presence, listening to Him to hear what He has to say to us. We meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm - 8:00pm.

A prayer for those quiet times:

Lord of the still small voice:
It is no wonder that so often I can’t hear you
for the roar of the crowd that is in my world,
for the rush of the schedule,
for the sounds of a never-silent age
that is full up with music boxes blaring.
I’m weary of the noise and the hustle,
yet I can’t stop;
No – that isn’t right; rather, I won’t stop
to discover the renewal of being
quiet in your presence.
Yet how can I imagine
that if in your incarnation you had to get away
to be with your Father in peace,
that I shouldn’t need to get apart with you
before I come apart without you?
Lord of my soul:
May deep call to deep;
may your voice call to my spirit stirring it to life.
As a lover calls out ‘come away with me’,
so I hear you calling me to yourself;
where I can know the embrace of your love
being set free in the intimate moment
with you alone.
May I no longer run from aloneness with you;
but rather run to it with heart open wide.
May I no longer fear the quiet,
but rather delight in the gift of silence with you.
Lord of all:
Present to me a place where I can meet you
as a blessing of your grace.
Protect the time you allot to me
that no intrusion would come to assassinate
the precious moments of stillness with you.
Prick my heart that I may never forget, even once,
that it is you I need to fill the void in me.
Provide that retreat I so desperately need
in days of stillness,
in hours of quiet,
in minutes of rest and peace,
even in seconds when your presence is so real
that it transforms my soul.
So meet me; by your grace.