What is men@trbc?

  • It is an opportunity for men to meet, make and develop friendships with other men outside of the workplace
  • It is a group that seeks to support and encourage men in their daily lives.

How do we do this?

We make time to get together for a variety of activities throughout the year that are aimed at men. These include breakfasts on a Saturday morning and occasional curry evenings.

Who is this for?

Anyone and everyone provided you are a man! Not all activities appeal to all of us but why not just muck in, we constantly surprise ourselves.


What has happened recently?

Breakfasts have focussed on
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) they do difficult and dangerous stuff all over the world, their `pilot pastors' and dedication engineers and backroom staff show incredible commitment.
We has a look at `Being there for each other', clips from the film Top Gun, remember the line `you never leave your wingman' and Carl Beech telling some stories about Martin Luther and Martin Luther King and the men that stood by them, also  Moses having his arms held up in battle. We need to look out for each other, we need a wingman and we need to be a wingman for others.

A brilliant curry delivered to TRBC, chat and catch up and then a challenging story on DVD told by ex US Airbourne Ranger Jeff Struecker. He was heavily involved in UN operataions to capture Somali warlords who had murdered 19 Pakistani aid workers. The story featured in the blockbuster film `Blackhawk Down'. Jeff was on the street of Mogadishu fighting for his life and trying to resure stranded troops. At a time of extreme pressure Jesus reached out to teach him that the opposite of fear is Faith and that he could rest in what Jesus had done at Calvary.
He became an army chaplain and is now a pastor in Georgia USA.

How much does it cost?

Breakfasts are about £3.50 for a “Full English” at TRBC and other events are paid for when we book.


Is there a hidden agenda?

No! We are Christians running this ministry to encourage those in the church in their faith, and to share the opportunities for fun and friendship with our friends and neighbours. You don’t have to go to church to come. Of course, if you want to come to church you are always welcome.


Are we connected with any other groups?

We have a connection with Christian Vision for Men (CVM) and reccomend their publications and why not check out their website www.cvm.org.uk
Why not get a subscription to SORTED magazine, a great read for men of all ages, published by Steve Legg, fantastic articles and good teaching about work, health, sex and life generally as Christians in the 21st centuary. Have a look at www.sorted-magazine.com

How can I find out more?

Look through the Church Calendar for event details or contact the church office.