About Us

We are a Baptist Church based in Horsham, West Sussex. Horsham is a medium sized market town in the South East of England, roughly two thirds of the way between London and Brighton.

We are evangelical (we believe the Bible), charismatic (we believe that God gives gifts to all Christians and expects them to be used), we practice believers’ baptism (we baptise people only when they have come to personal faith in Jesus Christ),  we have open membership (people from other Christian Denominations are welcome to join with us) and we keep an open table (any Christian is welcome to share in communion with us).
We are congregational (we make our decisions together) and led by a Leadership Team including full time and voluntary workers.

We love God (well he does love us after all)

We love each other (it seems only right if God loves us, we should attempt to love each other)

We love people (all shapes and sizes because God does)

Above all we believe Jesus died for ordinary people like us or like you. We believe that simple fact, once realised, can make all the difference in the world (and beyond it!) Knowing God’s love and forgiveness is the best thing anyone can experience, this web site is one way we have found to share this simple message.  If you'd like to know why becoming a Christian is so important click here!