Upstairs Church 

Child doing activities on a tableUpstairs Church is for all children aged between 4 and 14. After spending a short time in the service downstairs, we go upstairs, where we sit on bean bags and discuss what has been happening recently and listen to one of the leaders sharing a story with us. We then do a craft/activity based on the story we have heard. If the service is still going, we have free time where the children can choose which activity they want to do next. Craft 'My Bible verses' box decorated

We welcome any children aged between 4 and 14 to join us on a Sunday morning. We just ask the parents to bring the child/ren upstairs the first week so we can get some relevant information from you. 

All leaders are part of our church and either have DBS checked and done the SEBA safeguarding training or are in the process of it being done.